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1 Quarter Pound Beef Patties (20 Pieces)  

1 Pork Chops 1st Cut (5LB)                            

1 Whole Smoked Picnic Ham Sliced (5 LB)                                                   

1 Split Chicken Breast (5 LB)                 

1 Whole Chicken Wings (5LB)                

1 Bag -Leg Quarters (10 LB)                    

1Beef Roast Boneless (5LB)                    

1Smoked Bacon Rind - On (5LB)             

1Beef T-Bone Steaks (6 Pieces)             

1 Whiting Filet (10LB 40-45PCS)          

BIG Tommy’s BIG BOX Special

SKU: 8008
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