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What’s for dinner

Easy ways to prepare healthy meals for less

Our busy life schedules may make us feel that meal prep is near impossible at times. However, when you plan meals in advance, you have the opportunity to save money and time during the week. The following are a few strategies to help you better meal prep in advance.

1.)    Select the right day. Choose a day that you can have at least a two-hour block to prepare foods as well as place them in containers without interruption from work, family, friends or other commitments. You will want to do this twice in one week so that you are not preparing a week’s worth of meals in one day.

2.)    Determine the recipes you want to use as well as the groceries needed to support them. Remember, our butcher can custom cut meats to meet your recipe needs.

3.)    Divide items as applicable to support your meals. If you plan on preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner, start with breakfast and lunch preparation first.

4.)    Proper storage is key. Therefore, invest in containers with divided sections so that you can neatly organize your food and ensure that it appears to be appetizing. Have divided sections also helps with portion control.

5.)    When selecting containers ensure that they meet the following criteria:

-BPA Free

-Freezer Safe

-Dishwasher Safe




6.)    Start with simple and well-balanced meals. When thinking about recipes, think about your financial budget goals, as well as the foods that you enjoy. Getting started with meal prep recipes can be difficult at first. Use sites such as Pinterest for inspiration. Meat Masters is here to support your meal needs. Bring your family together with a great meal!

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